Antique Gold Clothes Rack

The Antique Gold series is for those retailers that want that little bit of extra flair in their shop to draw their customers in. The fabulous color and design are combined with the sturdiness necessary in a retail environment, allowing you to show off your garments in the best way possible.


Materials: antique gold coated steel
Measurements: (1)W90×D46×H124.5~184.5cm,
Diameter: [pipe hanger] φ19mm [pipe frame] φ22mm

Weight:(1)7.8kg, (2)8.3kg
Load capacity: 30kg

• Height can be adjusted to 7 different levels at 10cm intervals.
※Please note the color of antique gold coating may vary.
Item Discription Item Number Price
Antique Gold Garment Rack/ W90cm 61-96-11-1
Antique Gold Garment Rack/ W120cm 61-96-11-2