Folding Portable Fitting Room

Diminsh returns and up in-store conversion with our Fitting Rooms!

The fitting room area is one of the most important areas in a retailer's shop space. 67% of customers who enter your fitting room will purchase one or more of your items! To make full use of this effect it is important to get a fitting room that fits your shop's style and needs. Our Folding Portable Fitting room can help you with this.

This folding fittting room is great for promotional events such as large sales and exhibitions. It is easy to set up and stow away after the event. With the caster wheels, this fitting room is a breeze to move around your shop, making this a flexible and handy addition to your shop's interior.

Comes with a H160cm full length mirror. Two stylish curtains in the color of your choice ensure your customer's privacy (not included).


Materials: (1) powder coated steel (white) (3) polyester 100%
Dimensions: W91.4×D96.2×H200cm,
Dimensions when folded: (1) W85×D26×H211cm
Weight: 45.2kg

•Supplied accessories: (1) Shatterproof mirror, curtain rod, Single-wheel caster
(2) 14W fluorescent lamp (with 2m extension cord)
(3) Fire resistant finish (certified)

※ It is recommended to purchase 2 curtains. (Compatible with product (3) #61-139-4・5)
Item Discription Item Number Price
Folding Portable Fitting Room 61-436-80-1