Shop Counter

Get your checkout process up to speed with this checkout counter!

The W120cm wide version is great for performing checkout tasks and leaves room to serve your customers or for wrapping purchases. If your shop is short on space, squeeze in the W90cm version.

The counter comes in the sizes W90 and W120cm. Both sizes are available in the colors: white, ecru and rustic.


Materials: [main unit] Melamine
Dimensions: W90×D60×H100cm

Wood thickness: 18mm
Weight: 20kg
Load capacity: 20kg

※Phillips-Head screw driver needed.

• Gap for cable management.
• Shelf boards can be installed to 8 different places at 9.6cm intervals. (*Shelf boards are sold separately)
• Compatible to product #61-427-48.
Item Discription Item Number Price
Wooden Counter/ Ecru/ W90cm 61-427-42-1
Wooden Counter/ White/ W90cm 61-427-42-2
Wooden Counter/ Rustic/ W90cm 61-427-42-4
Wooden Counter/ Ecru/ W120cm 61-427-43-1
Wooden Counter/ White/ W120cm 61-427-43-2
Wooden Counter/ Rustic/ W120cm 61-427-43-4