by The STORE EXPRESS Team on 08/08, 2022

What is Shopfitting? How to Choose Shop Fixtures For Your Store

If you are involved in a retail business, you must have seen or heard the word “shop fitting or fixture” at least once.
Although shopfitting have an important role in store design, people rarely use this word, so the meaning of shopfitting may not be well known.
What exactly is a “Shop fitting”, and what is it?

In this section, we will introduce an overview of shopfitting, specific examples, how to choose fitting for your store.

1. What is Shopfitting?

In the dictionary, “Shop-fitting” or “Fixtures” have the meaning of “furniture, tools, and tableware used on a daily basis,” but it is generally used for tools and equipment for stores and offices. Fixtures used in stores are called “Shop-fitting”, “Store fixtures” or “Store furniture”, etc. while those used in offices are sometimes called “office fixtures” or “office furniture”.

Examples of Shop-fitting include product display shelves and showcases, which may be easy to understand if you think of them as general equipment used to provide and display products.

Another word that is similar to fixtures is “Equipment”.
Equipment consists of the things you need for a particular activity. For instance, tables and cabinets can be office equipment as well as consumables such as paper, pens and ink pads.

2. Examples of Shopfitting:

The meaning of furniture and tools varies depending on the industry and scene in which it is used. What exactly is called a Shopfitting?
Here are some examples of fixtures for each of the three scenes: retail stores, restaurants, and offices.

2.1. Retail Stores

In retail stores such as general merchandise stores, apparel stores, and supermarkets, you can see many shopfitting are used. Although there are differences depending on the store and merchandise, typical fixtures include the following.

Specific examples of Shopfitting used in retail stores:

  • Clothes Racks and Rails
  • Mannequins
  • Showcase
  • Mirrors
  • Fitting rooms
  • Dump and display tables
  • Product display shelves
  • Packing table
  • Cash register
  • Wagon and trolleys

Fixtures used in retail stores are also called “store fixtures” or “store furniture.
There are various types of shelves and stands for displaying products, such as promotional fixtures used for advertising products, island fixtures placed in the middle of the sales floor, storefront fixtures placed in front of the store, wall fixtures placed on the wall, delicatessen fixtures, and apparel fixtures.

2.2. Restaurants

The following are some examples of fixtures used in general restaurants.

Examples of fixtures used in restaurants:

  • Cupboard
  • Table
  • Chairs
  • Food sample display shelves
  • Refrigerated cases
  • Menu stands, etc.

The items that are installed in a restaurant are considered as fixtures, and the necessities vary depending on the ingredients used and the food served. For example, a store that sells fresh fish will need a water tank, and a store that bakes bread and pizza will need an oven or kiln.

2.3. Offices

Office furniture is sometimes referred to as office fixtures or office furniture. The following are some of the major office fixtures.

Examples of office furniture:

-Business meeting booths
-Reception counters, etc.

3. Points to consider when selecting fixtures to use in stores

As mentioned above, many Shopfitting are used in general merchandise stores and apparel stores. Since there are many different designs and sizes of Shopfitting, it is important to consider the purpose of use when selecting.
In particular, here are some of the points of view that should be considered when selecting Shopfitting.

3.1. Can it show the products attractively?

Shopfitting are items that make the displayed products look attractive. When choosing it, design is also important, but the main purpose is to highlight the products to be displayed or exhibited, and if the Shopfitting stand out more than the products, there is no point.

Also, the design of the fixtures and the way they are displayed will vary depending on the concept of the store and The products you sell, whether you want to create a sense of luxury or impress customers with low prices. It is important to use Shopfitting that can make the products look more attractive based on the concept of the store and the products you sell.

3.2. Can it be used safely?

In addition to being able to display products in an attractive manner, fixtures are also required to be safe to use. Even if you can display your products beautifully, if the fixtures break or fall down, people nearby may be injured.

It is essential to check whether the fixtures have enough load capacity to withstand the weight of the products, and whether they are equipped with functions such as stoppers to prevent the fixtures from tipping over or the products from falling.

Another point to consider when selecting fixtures is whether they are easy to use from the employee’s point of view. Some stores may have to change the layout of the store every time the products you sell due to seasons or sales.

In such cases, Shopfitting with casters that can be easily moved will be convenient for changing the layout. Not only does it reduce the time required for layout changes, but also reduces the risk of accidents during operations.

If you are handling luxury goods such as brand-name products or jewelry, you will need security measures such as the ability to install locks. It is important to choose Shopfitting that have the functions necessary for the scene in which they will be used, and to check whether they can be used safely.

4. Let’s choose Shopfitting well and create a beautiful store

Shopfitting used for displaying products are one of the important items that affect the interior of a store and the appearance of products.
Choosing Shopfitting designed to fit the store’s concept can also improve store comfort and sales.

Also, if you use Shopfitting that are easy to move or have security considerations, you will benefit from the operation of the store.
When building or relocating a store, why not pay attention to the selection of Shopfitting as well?