Why don’t you start your business in Japan with us?

We offer one-stop solutions by utilizing our experience in supporting our customers to open their stores. Here’s the reason why we can be your great partner to start a business in Japan.

How to open a store in Japan?

We have a lot of experience in supporting our customers to open their store in a commercial facility. Therefore, there is no need to worry about opening a store in Japan. We will take all the steps to open a store in a commercial facility, such as dealing with developers. It is also possible for us to find developers for you instead and they will suggest opening a store for you. In addition, you don’t need to worry about store fixtures. We will support you to create a sales floor with a variety of products from store fixtures to store equipment. We can also process requests of OEM products for your store.

What about store design and construction?

We offer not only products but also store design and construction. Do you have difficulty deciding what kind of furniture to choose, or the layout of a piece of furniture? Let us handle it, we can be your one-stop wholesaler with consultation and planning. Our in-house design team has extensive experience in designing sales floors and they offer the best solutions for each customers’ needs. Here are some images of sales floors that we worked on.

Domestic stores we worked on design and construction

Case.1 Apparel shop

Case.2 Apparel shop

Case.3 Sport shop

Case.4 Shoes shop

Procedure of design and construction

  1. ①Contact us

    It is possible to consult us free of charge, feel free to contact us

  2. ②Location Survey

    Our in-house designer team will conduct a survey to know the conditions of the site, the construction and functions of the building

  3. ③Planning of design

    Basic design document (confirmation of plan direction and construction fee)
    Preliminary draft (specific plan to check construction fee and period)
    Final draft (making final design document)

  4. ④Signing a contract

    Exchange the construction contracts requires advance payment

  5. ⑤Starting construction

    We will carry out construction based on the final draft

  6. ⑥Grand opening

※Estimated Period: From ① to ④, it takes about 1 month

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