Company Plan


”Each sunrise will bring new change”.
Every day, every month, in every turn and every corner,
we move forward with new determination and goals driven from each actions and its outcomes


Stage 1: discovering “customer issue “

STORE EXPRESS was established in Japan in 1975 with the aim of streamlining retail space. The main goal was to provide a shop fitting solution at a reasonable price. Our approach was to solve the problem in the direction of a modular system that allows stores to customize their floor plans without having to build a traditional store.

Stage 2: Solving “customer Problems”

Listening to our customers helped us to understand your business concerns. And it allowed us to provide products and services that solve your problems. With the ambition of providing “Fast, Low cost, and High quality” ready-made fixtures, we focus on designed and stylish solutions for your retail spaces.

Stage 3: Responsibility on behalf of the customer

In Asian production, our engineers visited the factory many times to teach materials, finishing and processing methods. Then, the factories that did not cooperate at the beginning began to listen to our guidance.

Stage 4: Big changes around the world

In 2020, conditions surrounding us have changed significantly and had an enormous impact on how we work, how we consume, and how we socialize. It poses a major challenge to businesses that rely on physical interaction with customers such as the retail and the hospitality industry.

Stage 5: Stand with the customer and grow along with them

In response to this shift of market needs, we are always looking for ways to improve ourselves and empower retailers.
It is about building a strong business environment for new standards.
In order to help everyone through this difficult period, we raise our mission ‘Energize people and business!’

Our Mission


Energize people and business!
We appreciate creating chances to connect everybody on the stage of distribution industry.
We promise to provide you with exciting products and services.
It is our pleasure to assist in your growth anytime.

Our vision




Connect with people from all over the world.​
Create an exciting store environment.






Our purpose is to make retail and
hospitality industories around the world energetic!






We provide products and services based on Safty first with strict Quality control, Good design, and Fair price to create the best commercial space.

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