If you want bespoke furniture for your shop, let us help you.

Since we have been dedicated to manufacturing our original products, we guarantee you that you will be offered exactly what you need.
Utilizing this experience of manufacturing, our engineer team has expert knowledge that will support you to create the best fixtures.
Besides, our engineer team has knowledge that can help you draw up your OEM products so that you can easily imagine how it goes.
Tell us any kind of design-change requests such as the size/shape/material after you receive our drawing.

※If you find products to your interest but you need them in another design or size, don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you want bespoke furniture for your shop, let us help you.

Overall Flow

  1. Step.1 Conducting an interview

    First of all, we listen to your requests and organize your requirements.
    We appreciate any kind of requirement, so please challenge us.

  2. Step.2 Making a drawing

    You will be offered a drawing of your product.
    We are available to correspond to any changes after you receive our drawing.

  3. Step.3 Confirmation of Trial production

    We will verify the trial production with you and define the specifications.
    If you would like, it is possible to send you the trial production to make sure whether product meets your requests.

  4. Step.4 Manufacturing the product

    We have various factories in and outside of Japan, so we choose an optimal factory among them.

  5. Step.5 Delivery

    After we inspect the product, we will ship it to designated place.
    We will ship the products using surface sea shipping or air shipping.
    ※Shipping fee must be covered by buyer

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