by The STORE EXPRESS Team on 25/08, 2022

Lateral 4 Series – STORE EXPRESS

Modern, minimalistic, and versatile, our Lateral 4 series is a simple and modular shelving system. You can easily customize it by selecting different additional parts to complete your own unique shelving unit.

The series’ versatility allows it to be a great display solution for any store. It consists of building blocks capable of making racks, shelves, and islands. Also, there is the wall type and a central type. The wall type is designed to be used against the wall, the central type can be used anywhere.

Its clean lines and metal frames in combination with wooden shelves give the products from this series a minimalistic look but functional look.

Lateral 4 is our tallest series of display shelving units for shops. 

The metal frames come in a black finish. You can experiment with different setups to make your products as appealing as possible.


1) Select the frame depending on where to display

Wall type

■Size: W90 ・120 × H240

Central type

Size: W90 120 × H135 150 180

2) Select an optional extension frame (Wall type or Central type):

Wall type

Central type

3) Select the shelf color:

4) Select the optional drawer:

5) Select your garment rails and accessories for square bar: 

Choose the Lateral 4 series to bring simple functional beauty to your store!