by The STORE EXPRESS Team on 25/08, 2022

Acacia Series – STORE EXPRESS

We are proud to present to you our series of products: the Acacia series. The products from this series are made entirely out of acacia wood and consist of shelving units, wooden shelves, display tables, stands, and stacking boxes.  

The designers of the Acacia series carefully thought about developing the materials to create products with functional characteristics.

The concept for Acacia was taken from the acacia tree. This tree grows in several parts of the Americas, Africa, Hawaii, and Australia.
The wood has a deep color and is also used as a substitute for teak wood. The material is firm and doesn’t bend easily at impact. It’s very resistant to both water and mold, so it can also be used as cutting board material sometimes. 
Freshly cut acacia wood is quite stretchy, so it can be molded and shaped before it dries. After it’s dried it makes for beautiful quality wood for furniture products.
It’s even possible to recycle and reuse furniture made from acacia wood.

Furthermore, the material is highly processable, non-perishable, and shock-resistant. The wood’s different dark and light patterns give it a luxurious and versatile feel. It gives depth to the space of your store and will give your display a very unique and interesting look!

We recommend this series to flower shops, bakeries, organic shops, and supermarket complexes to create a cozy and botanic-looking environment. It would also be an ideal series to use in pop-up stores, exhibitions, and events where the easy assembly is prioritized.